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Wenjun Sun, Ph.D.
Public and Occupational Health


Dr. Wenjun Sun is a Professor of Public Health at Zhejiang University’s School of Medicine in Hangzhou, China. He received his bachelor’s degree in preventive medicine in 1994 and his Ph.D degree in occupational hygiene in 2003. Dr. Sun has engaged in research work since in 1994 and his research has been focused on the bio-effects, mechanisms. and the measures for risk prevention of environmental pollutant exposure, especially the nonionizing radiation in human public and occupational environment. Up to now, he has received more than six National Foundation awards in China in his research domain. His research findings show that exposure to Extremely Low Frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) where the intensity is below ICNIRP’s exposure limits could promote cell proliferation, and elucidated signal transduction pathways which mediate the cell proliferation in ELF-EMF exposure. He also uncovered the synergistic effects of ELF-EMF with other environmental pollutants at low intensity. The data can provide scientific basis for prevention of adverse effects of ELF-EMF exposure.