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Home » 5G pollution – Erasmo Venosi, Il Corriere Nazionale, 7 May 2024

5G pollution – Erasmo Venosi, Il Corriere Nazionale, 7 May 2024

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A dutiful application of the Principle of Responsibility, Precautionary and Good Policy should have led the Public Defender to change the limits of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation only as a result of a rigorous verification of the effects of 5G technology.

But it was not done and yesterday the 120 day period expired the 120 days for the Mayors to present their observations and their  positions on the subject, some considering a moratorium of 5 years in anticipation of new rigorous studies on the biological and health effects of 5 G.

Article 10 of Law 243 of 2023, raises the limit from 6 volts/meter to 15 volts/meter (0.6 watts per square centimetres in place of 0.1) of the electric field produced by mobile phones. It is argued that the European radiofrequency radiation limits are higher, but this does not recognize that the verification is done every 24 hours, no longer every six minutes, increasing the average periods of greatest emissions.

Limit derived from the RFR Guidelines developed by ICNIRP (International Commission for the Protection of Non-Ionizing Radiation)  only provide protection with respect to the thermal effects that occur during short-term exposures.

Today we are constantly bombarded electromagnetic waves which cause non-thermal biological effects.


Who is ICNIRP ? It is not a scientific body, but an NGO created about thirty years ago and funded by the industry, Many of  its members are affiliated with electrical power and telecommunications companies, and have powerful conflicts of interest, as reported by Hardell 7 years ago and by Levis over ten years ago.

The current limit of 6 volts/meter applied to a 24-hour average of exposures in residences for more than 4 hours was contested by many in the scientific community because it generated very serious biological effects such as neurodegenerative diseases, fertility damage, electrosensitivity, DNA damage (as reported by the International Commission on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields; ICBE-EMF 2022 and The Bionitive Report ).

Two eminent scientists, Hardell and Carlberg, reported that ICNIRP’s reviews submitted to government agencies are “scientifically inaccurate.”  Five years ago, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) said it intended to conduct a re-review of the classification of high-frequency electromagnetic waves (RFR from cellphone signals and other sources), as a “Group 2 B” (possible carcinogen for humans) and consider re-classification RFR as a “Group 2 A” (probable carcinogenic for humans).

The assessment was to be based on new scientific evidence and new studies. 

The limits have been increased in Italy, to allow the deployment of 5 G technology designed to connect people and things, to a single network, realizing the so-called “IoT” the Internet of Things.

It allows a maximum of one million devices to be simultaneously connected to an area of 100 hectares, at a speed at least twenty times that of the 4 G.  The fundamental goal is to connect all types of device, from the simplest IoT sensor to the most complex robot, to achieve improvement and extension of mobile broadband.

5 G uses some frequency ranges such as 700 million Hertz (waves about 43 centimeters. Hertz measures how many times a second the wave repeats equal to itself), 3.7 billion Hertz (waves of 8 centimeters) and 26 billion Hz (waves of 11.5 millimeters).

The 5 G technology involves the installation of 800 macrocells per square kilometer, which means everywhere. The issues already presented due to 2G, 3G and 4 G are added to by 5G which also involves a massive increase in data transmission.

Due to the “disproportionate” number of antennas, an increased volume of data traffic and proximity to citizens, exposure to radio frequencies will be increased.

IN addition, we have some reports that are not reassuring.

The European  Parliament’s 2019 5G Deployment Report: “The possible impact on health and safety due to potentially much higher exposure to 5G RF, which can result not only from the use of much higher frequencies, but also from the potential aggregation of different signals, their dynamic nature and the complex interference effects that can result from them, especially in densely populated urban areas.”

Another important report known as the Report:  “Health Impact of 5G, of the EPRS” with the review of 3000 scientific articles.

The risks arising from 5G are documented.

The association of Doctors for the Environment, ISDE, has asked the Italian government to block the installation of 5G until there are studies published concerning the consequences on humans and the environment.

Many municipalities are approving resolutions for a five-year moratorium, including the Venetian and Trentino Alto Adige municipalities.